Government Responses to Right-Wing Nationalism and Neo-Nazism
Let's discuss existing and potential governmental responses to right-wing nationalism and neo-Nazism in the example of one or several countries. Are those punitive and preventive measures sufficient in addressing those ideologies?
Challenges In Conducting Qualitative Research (Multicultural Settings)
There are certain challenges in conducting qualitative research in multicultural settings, including risks and dangers as discussed.
An Introduction to Migrant Women and Isolation
What is the connection between migrant women and isolation? And what are the factors that contribute to discrimination and abuse?
Representation of Nigeria’s Black Axe Criminal Organization: Mafia, Cult, or Confraternity?
In the past decade, the Black Axe has become one of the most powerful and deadly criminal groups originating from Nigeria, with a presence throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America - but how does the media represent the group?
Media, Schools and Extremist Organization Membership
What is the role of media and schools in propagating and/or preventing interests and membership in extremist organizations?
The Problem of Education for Roma Children
Consider the problem and the context of education for Roma children and youth. Let's explore the process by which a Roma student may be placed in a remedial special school and how this process is flawed?