Key Takeaways From CrimeCon 2023 in London
Discover the highlight discussions from CrimeCon 2023 in London.

CrimeCon is widely considered the world’s number one true crime event that connects experts in law enforcement, content creation, and advocacy to create a jam-packed weekend. Rather than sensationalize a serious topic “born out of someone’s misery,” CrimeCon focuses on psychology, victimology, and methodology.

I was lucky enough to attend CrimeCon UK 2023 in London, where I learned a wealth of knowledge and benefitted from inspirational and enlightening workshops.

CrimeCon takeaways

While it was a tough job, I’ve narrowed my experience to the following five highlight sessions.

1. CrimeDoor

CrimeDoor discussed the use of future technologies, such as AR, VR, and AI, and their role in investigations and court proceedings today. By intersecting investigation and technology, these developments can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of justice processes.

2. Black Criminology Network

The BCN explored the perception of ethnic stereotypes and the aspects of true crime entertainment. Currently, the entertainment world stands the risk of the erasure of voices, and there are significant ethical considerations to keep in mind. The BCN also discussed the importance of positionality, which should be front of mind whenever telling another’s story.

3. Raphael Rowe - Second Chance

Raphael Rowe interviewed Colin Sutton, former Senior Investigating Officer in the Metropolitan Police, along the themes of his podcast, Second Chance. The pair discussed the value of getting the best out of people and how the importance of getting second chances out of incarcerated individuals impacts the community.

4. Former FBI Agent Katherine Scweit

Former FBI Special Agent Katherine Schweit is the author of Stop the Killing and How to Talk to Anyone About Guns. She presented a discussion on massing shootings in the United States, busting myths along the way. She also discussed the true problem of guns, America’s violent landscape, how to spot a shooter, and how to keep yourself safe.

5. Human trafficking and modern-day slavery

Author Louise Hulland, advocate Aisosa Henkoma, and human trafficking expert Phil Brewer joined forces to discuss the prevalence of human trafficking and modern-day slavery, with Aisosa sharing a powerful testimony of his own experience.