Patrick Pursley and I Am Kid Culture
Patrick Pursley was exonerated and has chosen to always work for love, leading to the start of I Am Kid Culture.

What would you do if you spent 25 years incarcerated for a crime that you didn’t commit?

Patrick Pursley Intrinsic Value

While many would be angry and vengeful, Patrick Pursley has chosen to always work for love, which he believes to be the highest vibration of the human spirit. 

Patrick Pursley was wrongfully convicted of a 1993 murder. Despite no blood, fingerprint, or DNA evidence to tie Patrick to the crime, political pressure and inconsistent testimonies from a ballistic expert found him convicted.

Despite these tragic circumstances, Patrick has focused on reinventing his story and helping others overcome their vulnerable position.

Everyone has intrinsic value. Facing the worst possible conditions, you can still move mountains.
- Patrick Pursley

I Am Kid Culture Movement

Not only did Patrick dedicate time and effort to becoming a jailhouse lawyer, but since his release, he has also started the I am Kid Culture movement which is committed to creating solutions to gun violence. Its mission is to reach at-risk youth to encourage them to set goals, pave career paths and have access to guidance through arts and curriculum.

Causes for at-risk youth in the United States

  •  Growing up in an area with heavy gang activity
  • History of violence in the home
  • Too little adult supervision
  • Unstructured free time
  • Lack of positive role models 
  • Sense of hopelessness due to limited opportunities
  • Underlying mental health issues or behavioural disorders

By reducing the gang and gun violence, Patrick Pursley has tapped into the good of human nature to empower youth.