Government Responses to Right-Wing Nationalism and Neo-Nazism
Let's discuss existing and potential governmental responses to right-wing nationalism and neo-Nazism in the example of one or several countries. Are those punitive and preventive measures sufficient in addressing those ideologies?
Challenges In Conducting Qualitative Research (Multicultural Settings)
There are certain challenges in conducting qualitative research in multicultural settings, including risks and dangers as discussed.
Media, Schools and Extremist Organization Membership
What is the role of media and schools in propagating and/or preventing interests and membership in extremist organizations?
Do We Need an International Standard to Measure Crime?
Considering the different culture and religions in the world. Does the global community need an international standard to measure crime?
Does the ICC Deter International Terrorism?
Do you believe that the ICC could serve as a deterrent to international terrorism? Discover reasons against this suggestion.
An International Approach to Genocide and Mass Violence
Do you believe criminologists need to take an ‘internationalist’ perspective toward criminological research on topics such as genocide and mass violence?
Growth of Crime in China During Urbanization
China is a communist authoritarian nation. Now that they are becoming more urbanized and growing economically, they are considering the implications of crime. Let's consider the growth of crime in China, especially regarding the authoritarian rule, migration patterns, and economic globalization.
Justice Systems and Crimes Against Humanity
Do you believe that the rule of law, transitional justice, and the international criminal court will prevent or reduce crime against humanity?