Black Axe Criminal Mobility
As borders have become more porous, criminal mobility has become more accessible, contributing to transnational crime. Let’s assess the push and pull factors contributing to Nigeria’s Black Axe migration to South Africa.
Innovative Ways of Trafficking Drugs Across Borders
A recent article on innovative, yet failed, ways of trafficking drugs sheds light on operational methods of moving illicit goods.
Exploring Terrorism and (E)motives
Research has been conducted on international terrorism and e(motives) that drive them. Read student insights on existential motivations.
Misleading Interpretations: Ambiguity of Numbers and Statistics
The ambiguity of numbers and statistics has the potential for misleading interpretations, as is evident in the case of seizing and interdicting drugs at and beyond U.S. borders. Why is measuring interdiction “success” politically tricky?
Connecting the public and the criminal justice system
What is the connection between the public and the criminal justice system? Discover how the two overlap and influence one another.
How Can Technology Improve Criminal Justice Reform?
Technology offers a vast potential, including in criminal justice reform. Let's discuss how innovative technologies impact the industry.
Traumatic Brain Injuries, Mental Health and Incarceration
Traumatic brain injuries and mental health are linked to high levels of incarceration. However, rehabilitation behind bars doesn't always consider these circumstances. Discover the real connection between these situations, and possible intervention methods.
Key Takeaways From CrimeCon 2023 in London
Discover the highlight discussions from CrimeCon 2023 in London.
Government Responses to Right-Wing Nationalism and Neo-Nazism
Let's discuss existing and potential governmental responses to right-wing nationalism and neo-Nazism in the example of one or several countries. Are those punitive and preventive measures sufficient in addressing those ideologies?
Challenges In Conducting Qualitative Research (Multicultural Settings)
There are certain challenges in conducting qualitative research in multicultural settings, including risks and dangers as discussed.
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