How Vagrancy Laws Punish, Segregate and Control
Vagrancy laws are a set of rules that make it a crime for a person to wander from one place to another with no visible means of support. In most instances, vagrancy laws criminalise the homeless and jobless.
When Politicians Play With Statistics
The Marshall Project recently published a fascinating article that demonstrates how political leaders amplify certain figures and shift metrics in order to further their campaign.
The Different Types of Victims of Crime
There’s a growing focus on caring for the victim as a principle for justice, but we first need to understand the different types of victims of crime.
Worth Rises Statistics
There are so many aspects of being incarcerated that are overlooked by the public and policy - such as the high cost of making phone calls from inside prison walls.
The Language of Incarceration
How much thought do you give when referring to an incarcerated individual? Do you consider how the act of branding a person will impact their identity as well as their ability to overcome existing challenges?